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In Focus: Occupy, Now!

posted by – 10/12/11 @ 12:26pm


courtesy of The Huffington Post

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley dumpsters, contemporary artists are swinging back at current events in the best way they know how: through provocative art. What do you think is the Pièce de résistance? We give you our top picks:

1. In “Dumpster Diving Silicon,” Artist XVALA rifled through the trash of technology’s heavy-hitters (think: Mark Zuckerberg and not-so-anoymous CEO’s of Wikipedia, Twitter, and Google), and turned it into sculptural treasures.

2. Did the photographers behind this advertisement from AdBusters–a Canadian cultural magazine–inspire the #OccupyWallStreet movement on Twitter?

3. Vancouver, again. Althea Thauberger’s mural homage to “Death of Marat” is as politically charged as it is jarring.