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Similar or Different?

posted by – 04/03/12 @ 8:38pm

Sometimes when we peruse the work of our different artists, we are struck how similar they can actually be. Take a look at Wael Sabour’s Harbour series and Peri Schwartz’s stills of her studio.

At first glance, the two may not seem to have much in common. But take a closer view. Both take a multi-perspective view of the same subject/snapshot, but somehow manage to make it seem as though we are looking at the subject through a new set of eyes each time. For Schwartz, the inspiration comes from her New York studio, which she morphs into a swirling world of stained glass and watercolor-esque shapes. Sabour isn’t too far from this effort, either choosing to re-imagine harbor and boat imagery. While Schwartz riffs on warm, earth tones, Sabour laps up cool blues and greens (fitting, for the harbor scenes).

Whether you’re on board with us, or think that we’re just grasping for straws with this comparison, it is nice to find links between some of our artists. After all, there is a reason they’re all in the same company. What do you think?