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“Somewhere in the Brain”

posted by – 07/16/13 @ 2:13pm

Artists, critics, curators, gallerists, auctioneers, and collectors analyze contemporary art to bring forth its relevance and expose its fundamental nature, such as the medium or symbolism. On the other hand, the general public’s reaction to contemporary art provides a socially conscious response that incorporates contemporaneity with time, place, and ethics. Both viewers engage, but which is the “right” way to perceive contemporary art?

Patricia Bellan- Gillen’s “Disorderly Notions,” on display now here at Tinney Contemporary, employs the art of perception itself. The artist relies on all viewers to narrate her works, pulling from their own anecdotal memories. I overheard many art crawlers at the July Art Crawl ask, “what does this mean?” or “why does she use this specific motif?” The analytical essay spelling out the symbolic truths and answering such fundamental questions does not exist in this case.

“Somewhere in the brain” begins the artist’s exhibition write-up, enhancing the elusive and ambiguous scenes. The scale of Patricia Bellan- Gillen’s work demands attention and her use of mixed media compliment the multi-layered function of her work.

I recently read, “Any art that relies on an essay to explain it is not art,” holding true to Patricia’s theory of thriving on the inexplicable, the intuitive, and the enigmatic. The artist calls welcomes such provocation and puzzlement, placing trust in the viewer to simply react. Therefore, it is fitting that “Disorderly Notions” will remain on display for the August Art Crawl, inviting all contemporaries to not ask, but tell.

Art Crawl Etiquette

posted by – 02/02/12 @ 5:43pm

With Collector’s Art Night and the First Saturday Art Crawl just around the corner, we thought we’d brush up on our art gallery etiquette. From critical conduct for artists, to a what-to-wear list, here’s our roundup of some art gallery pearls of wisdom. We hope to see you out and about on 5th Avenue of the Arts this weekend. Don’t forget to stop by Tinney Contemporary to see Peri Schwartz’s exhibition: The Architect Within.

1) Eat dinner first, says eHow. (We disagree. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a little wine and cheese?)

2) Daniel Grant encourages you to be polite, as an artist.

3) Avoid loud conversations. (Where’s the fun in an art crawl without those few boisterous individuals?)

4) No kids allowed? The New Yorker advises against strollers (Fair.)

We say…come early, be loud (ish), and stay late! See you Saturday.

For a full schedule of this weekend’s events, click here.