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Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden

posted by – 09/01/17 @ 1:02pm

Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden is the culmination of Carla Ciuffo’s two year residency at Harvard University.  In collaboration with the Disease and Biophysics Group, Ciuffo has developed a new project flaunting groundbreaking nanofiber technology in an effort to highlight a symbiosis between art and science.


Ciuffo worked closely with Kevin K it Parker, Ph. D., a Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics.  He has pioneered research involving a rotary jet spinning production of nanofibers and fabrics. These nanofibers are a significant step forward in the realm of biomedical engineering, having the potential to be integrated into a broad spectrum of radical new applications, from tissue regeneration to advanced performance fibers in fashion.


Ciuffo had the honor of being the first “layperson” to work in Parker’s lab.  Ciuffo has developed tiny nanofiber canvases to be imprinted with her own artwork.  Using a Scanning Electron Microscope, Ciuffo was able to create large acrylic composites to showcase the delicate and whimsical side of these fibers.


The work in Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden lies somewhere between photography and collage.  She creates fanciful narratives that capture the fiber’s unique, delicate details and whimsical beauty.


“As we bridge the divide between art and science, my endeavor is to show how artists use science to make their fantasies real and palpable; and how science uses the arts in the same way.” -Carla Ciuffo

Her art challenges science to consider the role of its own narrative, as well as the visual impact of scientific images.  Science often prescribes a systematic way of thought and communication, while the arts promote nontraditional and creative critical thought.  These processes prove useful in scientific research. The combination of the two subjects is a symbiotic relationship, allowing the production of creative research and impactful work.