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The Good Graffiti

posted by – 06/18/13 @ 1:44pm

Art education is performing the ultimate 360 degree turnaround: leaving schools with lack of funds, finding its way into the streets of Philadelphia through the Mural Arts Program, and then inspiring schools to incorporate such a profound program into their curriculum. Why are schools so inspired by murals? Mural Art Program’s free art education programs annually serve nearly 2,000 at-risk youth at neighborhood sites throughout the city, utilizing an intensive curriculum that involves mural-making as a dynamic means to engage youth and to teach transferable life and job skills such as taking personal responsibility, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. Furthermore, the 20,000 total underserved and at-risk youth that have already participated in the Mural Program have an astounding 100% high school graduation rate.

The self-proclaimed “good graffiti” project began in 1984, connecting students, teachers, and artists in elaborate projects spanning thousands of murals throughout the city. A multitude of materials, techniques, and inspirations are showcased around Philadelphia. To sign up for a paid tour, which helps fund the program, and learn more click here.