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posted by – 03/24/12 @ 2:37pm

What a loaded term. What does it even mean to be a human being? Is it something corporeal, overdone, or more emotional? We wanted to answer this question, so of course we enlisted the help of Jason Lascu in our newest exhibit: to be human. Lascu has guest curated our exhibition, which will show “figurative” works from James Croak, Christina West, Lyle Carbajal, Eef Barzelay, and Lascu himself.

The human figure has long been a contested subject in art. From Da Vinci’s iconic Vitruvian Man, to tattoo art, we’ve been talking about the human body for as long as we can remember.

But let’s draw your attention to something a little more unusual: the exhibition’s title: to be human…

Do you notice that it’s human, not Human? And the ellipsis, as though being human is an unfinished thought of sorts? Perhaps we are no longer thinking of being a human as this elusive, philosophical question, but rather a quick musing, something that can be contested over morning coffee. Or maybe we’re just getting too wrapped up in the title of the exhibition. Either way, be sure to look out for Lascu’s guest curation at Tinney Contemporary, opening Friday, March 31st!

– TC