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Winging It

posted by – 03/01/12 @ 4:54pm


Isn’t it funny how something that is so derivative of spring, beauty, and freedom can morph into an uglier version of itself? We asked ourselves this question when we revisited Sisavanh Phouthavong’s work, Cacophony. We love how Phouthavong takes the image of a hummingbird–a heuristic for spring’s whimsicality–and crafts it into a writhing cyclone of hummingbirds. The vital energy of a hummingbird becomes something chaotic and harried in this work, and Phouthavong does not even justify the title by adding an adjective like “beautiful”–she just leaves it as an unapologetic Cacophony. Perhaps she is showing us that it’s ok to embrace the madness.

– TC

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