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Art Happenings

NEW YORK: Daniel Buren’s Electricity Paper Vinyl…” and “Electricity Fabric paint Paper Vinyl…”

“What happens when works are when institutional critique is taken out of the institution and located in a commercial gallery?” http://goo.gl/aVo2T

January 10–February 16, 2013 Petzel Gallery/Bortolami Gallery

Bruen's "Electricity Paper Vinyl..." Petzel Gallery, New York, 2013









BROOKLYN: El Anatsui Gravity and Grace

Anatsui’s first solo exhibition in a New York museum. http://goo.gl/EGtpm

February 8- August 4, 2013 Brooklyn Museum

Coffee & Contemporary Art

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Massachusetts: Designer Emily Jerome shows off her newest fashion designs @ the MassMOCA. The lookbook was shot in the North Adams, MA space.

New York: A piano growing out of a tree? Check out the Brooklyn Musem’s current “Sweet Funk” exhibit (until January 8th).

Ohio: Nashville artist Anabel Hopkins takes her work to the Phi Gallery at the Hotel Indigo. Right now Ron Arnold showcases photos made into paintings at his “Photo to Art” exhibit at the hotel. Get the full scoop here.

Chicago: Chocolate Around the World exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum. Need we say more?

Nashville: The Coop Collective is currently hosting their newest exhibit — My mind is telling me know but my body is telling me yes. (At the Vanderbilt E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center until October 7th). Also of note: Imagine By Hand exhibit.

Washington D.C.: The nation’s capital premieres its first flash art “collective.” Check out all the photos.

New York: Andy Warhol…but not the one you’re thinking of.