Meet the Artist- Danny Heller

posted by – 06/27/12 @ 2:52pm

Born in Northridge, CA and growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Danny Heller is an artist whose work has been deeply affected and influenced by the environment in which he was raised. His paintings not only reflect the aesthetic of Southern California’s architecture and design elements; they are a tribute to the history of the inventively and elegantly designed structures that are unique to the region.  Cars that have remained important to the area for decades, throughout the eras in which his parents and grandparents lived, also inform Heller’s work.

Thinking of himself as a sort of documentarian that attempts to capture the essence of a region by depicting significant cultural structures and objects, Heller creates paintings that utilize realism to describe elements of the spirit of Southern California. When viewing his work it is instantly apparent to the viewer that he has a great admiration for his subjects. Although he is painting inanimate objects imposed into the natural landscape, there is no sense of tension between the subjects and the environment. Heller is portraying how these cultural objects not only belong within the natural backdrop—they complement one another wonderfully. Danny’s work along with other artists that work in the style of realism will be up at Tinney Contemporary from July 7th to August 18th.



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