The Collector’s High

posted by – 06/28/12 @ 3:00pm

Though recent articles in publications like the NYT Magazine have emphasized the financial dynamics of art collecting and selling, according to the Economist it seems that pure enjoyment and a genuine interest in the artwork is still the greatest motivation for art collecting. Though it can be easy to dismiss the seemingly financially motivated movements of the high-end art market, the intense attachment that collectors feel to their collections and the excitement they feel when they acquire a longed-after piece are far greater motivators than investing. Whether in the competitive environment of an Art Basel fair or at a local gallery, experienced collectors and novices alike both tend to be guided by their emotions, which fuel the direction of their growing collections.

Some collectors even describe buying art as experiencing a sort of high – taking a part in this new community provides a sense of exhilaration and vibrancy. So, instead of heading to the gym next time to raise your endorphins level, why not pop into a gallery or an art fair and see if emotion inspires you to begin creating your own collection? We mentioned earlier this week that just gazing at a painting can increase bloodflow in the brain, and advancing to the “collector’s high” certainly seems like a logical next step!


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