Eric Zener at Tinney Contemporary

posted by – 06/19/12 @ 2:25pm

Eric Zener, an artist working within realism who will be showing work next month at Tinney Contemporary, creates large paintings that begin with photographs he takes. Although the painting is not by any means a replication of the photograph, the pictures are a starting point for his imagery. As he states in a quote on his website, he begins his work through inspiration from reality, from something that actually exists and transforms it into its most perfect state.

Zener’s images depict states of being that are both unreal and illusionary but still attainable. He is depicting a flawless moment—which we often forget is achievable—but then realize in viewing his work that to reach such a state of being, of pure contentment, is within the realms possibility.  Zener’s work portrays how we can find states of being that are perfect, and that perhaps these moments exist when we border on the line between two separate worlds. A lot of his work illustrates people underwater floating, and people who have just entered or come out of water. Although these images of humans going into, leaving, or existing in a different atmosphere could be a metaphor for the experience of entering new states of being—unworldly states of being—the act of submerging oneself into water is rich with emotional and mental implications in itself. How do we feel when we are unable to breath? Why can this be one of the most calming as well as one of the most anxiety-ridden experiences? Do we change when we submerge ourselves in water? Zener’s work is rich with layers that cause the viewer to be visually stunned and psychologically enthralled. His work will be up for the month of July at Tinney Contemporary along with other artists working in the style of realism. Hope to see you at the opening, July 7th!




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