The Lost Boys

posted by – 03/13/12 @ 11:19pm

Isn’t it amazing how something that goes viral truly does spread like a pandemic? That was the case of last week’s #Kony2012 movement. Started with Invisible Children’s Youtube video, #Kony2012 has become almost as iconic a hashtag as #OccupyWallStreet, and sparked a debate that transcended normal partisan divisions. In an age in which we can disseminate information and social messages nearly as fast as it takes our synapses to fire them up, we often lose sight of artwork that can pack just as meaningful of a message.

We thought back to a Tinney exhibit from December 2008: The Art of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Under the supervision of Nashville photographer Jack Spencer, these young men–all refugees from Sudanese villages–exercised the most simple and rewarding of acts: creating something. The result was a series of masks. Whether you are compelled by invisible children or lost boys, or hesitant to delve into the tangled web that is foreign policy and social media, you can’t deny the powerful image that is The Lost Boys’s artwork hanging on our walls.

– TC

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