Inside the Artist’s Studio

posted by – 01/31/12 @ 10:37pm

Often, we think of the artist’s studio as a stomping ground for creativity, the place where the “magic” happens. For Peri Schwartz, however, her studio surroundings are the subject matter for her rich paintings. Rather than pin down an effusive topic, Schwartz maps out the very environment in which she lets her imagination run free. What is at first glance a stack of books and a coffee table transforms into a swirling palette of saturated colors and sharp shapes. As the viewer’s eye flits from form to form, it slowly dawns on them that they are receiving a glimpse into Schwartz’s studio. Sometimes, that is even more captivating than the most surreal subject matter.

Come see Peri Schwartz’s exhibition, The Architect Within, in person this Saturday, February 4th from 6 – 9 P.M. at the 5th Avenue of the Arts Art Crawl.

– TC

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