A Genuine Smile: Photographs of Andy Warhol by Raeanne Rubenstein

posted by – 07/29/11 @ 5:02pm

Warhol’s genius is generally acknowledged by most people; Even it you’re like me, having not witnessed the apex of Andy Warhol’s multi-faceted art career, American’s likely recognize that Warhol’s impression on this world was something special— something that will live on.  But behind the conceptually–stimulating Campbell’s Soup screen prints and mind-numbing six-hour films of people sleeping, there was a very peculiar man. Beneath his crazy wig, glasses and sometimes make-up, Warhol was a man that not many understood; Celebrity photographer and Tinney Contemporary artist, Raeanne Rubenstein, was one of the lucky few that did.

Rubenstein, a very accomplished photographer who worked for Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Life and People magazine, spent ten years photographing Warhol. Her photographs, to be shown at Tinney Contemporary from August 6th to September 3rd, are almost dangerously revealing of Warhol’s true persona. For someone who was very exclusive in who he chooses to spend time with, Warhol surprisingly welcomed Rubenstein— and her camera. The result of this precious bond was an extensive documentation of Warhol’s life—more specifically—the unconscious, contemplative and personal moments. Rubenstein’s black and white photos capture raw emotion—a somber face, a concentrated focus, a blank stare and sometimes, a genuine smile.

Raeanne will not only share these rare moments that she captured; She’ll also be giving a talk on August 5th at 7pm— come by for an evening of truly rare insight into the life of an unusual artistic genius.


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