Warhol Live Exhibit at Frist Reveals An Unfamiliar Side of Warhol

posted by – 07/09/11 @ 4:09pm


Whether you have an appreciation for music, dance, film, 2-dimensional art, 3- dimensional art, or just Andy Warhol himself, The Frist Center’s exhibition, Warhol Live, is an exhibit for everyone. With a specific focus that includes pieces carefully chosen to fit the theme of performance, this show stuns viewers with everything from a never released soundtrack of Andy Warhol singing, to the original “Banana Stickers” that went on the Velvet Underground’s first album cover.

The Frist took a step outside the box by picking an aspect of Warhol’s art that is foreign to some and digging up all that Warhol had to offer in terms of that aspect. Although his famous Campbell’s Soup Cans are featured in the show, my focus was more on the interesting, more personal, parts of the show—like a doodle Warhol made of his plan for a performance in his factory, or a hand-printed ticket to one of his shows. It is because of these aspects of the show that I felt a very intimate connection with Warhol—something that I find rare.

The exhibit allows you to go at your own pace; you can take a quick walk through and be instantly submerged in the neon colors of his prints, or you can sit back for hours, watching his film “Sleep (1963),” where he captures poet John Giorno as he sleeps. Interestingly, Warhol was never alone, therefore this exhibit not only dives into his life and work, but the lives of others too. Lou Reed, John Cage, Edie Sedgwick, Mick Jagger, and Liza Minnelli all make multiple appearances throughout the show. Open until September 11th, I promise this show is not one to be missed.

Nashville really got lucky in landing this incredible bit of Warhol this summer, but there is actually more to come. Raeanne Rubenstein, Photographer and owner of Dish Magazine, who spent time in NYC during the 1970’s, will be showing black and white photographs of Andy Warhol and his “Superstars” at Tinney Contemporary this fall.


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