The Native Has Entered The Building: A Play By Play of Collector’s Art Night

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Last weekend, Tinney Contemporary blazed new trails in the art community. On Friday, February 4th we kicked off Brett De Palma’s solo exhibition–Return of the Native–with the first-ever Collector’s Art Night. We opened our doors to 100 guests, who came in to get an intimate look at De Palma’s work. On Saturday, we welcomed the usual crowd to the First Saturday Art Crawl. Hundreds poured in to get a glimpse of De Palma’s quirky use of color and mixed media. The result? a weekend of food, dialogue, and art.

Friday, February 4th: Inaugural Collectors Art Night

5:00 P.M.: Brett De Palma and crew arrive to help set up his film, “Tombstone, Unknown.”

5:34 P.M.: De Palma walks us through the inspiration behind some of his work. Of note: Droopy’s Dream. De Palma plays with the question–“what do dogs dream about?”

6:22 P.M.: The first few guests start trickling in. Uncork the wine.

7:15 P.M.: De Palma reveals his artistic philosophies. Some memorable insights: De Palma employs childhood creations from son Malcolm in his work. He also considers artists and their audiences the “aristocracy” of today’s world.

8:45 P.M.: De Palma stays late to mingle with fans and guests.

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  1. John Jackson says:

    Thank you Susan, Sarah and Tinney Contemporary for an awesome artistic weekend and continuing to expand Nashville’s cultural envelope. Personally, I enjoyed the taste of NYC that Brett DePalma and his work offers.

    John Jackson

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