Cloud Witness

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Cloud Witness is an exhibition of new works by Andy Harding.  Harding (b. 1974) currently lives and works in Nashville, having studied Chemistry and Physics at Belmont University.  It wasn’t until he enrolled in a 3D design elective in his senior year that he fell in love with art. From that moment forward, Harding dedicated his life to working with wood, metal, and mixed media sculptures and installations.   He never left his background in science behind, as scientific and philosophical subject matter continue to influence his art.


The body of work represented in Cloud Witness grapples with the history of matter and life itself.  Harding’s focus on materiality is inspired by the elements of the natural world around us.  He states “Dust, stone, water, and wood—every material we encounter—contains atoms with a story that extends back to the birth of time.”  The wood and acrylic in the exhibition were once discarded and reclaimed, having previous lives elsewhere.  In the same way, every particle around us, and every component of our own bodies, has a history that extends to the farthest reaches of space and time.  These sculptures represent the ephemerality of here and now, one brief moment in a cycle of flux and transformation.


Harding is drawn to the concept of clouds, citing a scientific theory that every single atom in the universe was once a component of the primordial clouds of gas that formed after the Big Bang.  The geometric loops of the sculptures speak to the energy, age, and elusive nature of matter itself. In the same vein of thought, Harding’s acrylic “ice-clouds” suspended form the ceiling reveal anxieties about global warming, representative of the melting arctic ice caps creating clouds.  Cloud Witness brings visual harmony between our perceived existence, and the deep inner truth of a vast history of the universe.  From an art historical perspective, the cloud serves as a mystical symbol, with a shared global significance.  Clouds are generative, destructive, enigmatic, and cyclic. Harding successfully generates a feeling of the sublime in both his work and his philosophy.



Cloud Witness

New Works by Andy Harding

November 25 – December 23

Opening Reception: December 2nd6 to 9 pm during the First Saturday Art Crawl

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