The Nashville Walls Project: An Interview with Eva Boros

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The Nashville Walls Project is rapidly expanding, with Chris Zidek and Nathan Brown collaborating on a painting in the Gulch, right now!  We sat down with Co-Founder, Eva Boros, to ask a few questions about the Nashville Walls Project.

Currently Under Construction

Nathan Brown and Chris Zidek Nashville Walls Collaboration

Nathan Brown and Chris Zidek Nashville Walls Collaboration


How did you get involved with/ start this project? And what role do you play in it?
      Years ago, Brian and I would drive around and take photos of blank Walls…we would then track down its owner and beg them to let us paint on it. This started in 2014, and it wasn’t until 2016 that we finally started painting. 
       The Nashville Walls Project has been Brian Greif’s dream. He came to Nashville because he wanted to bring street art to music city. I’ve just helped in its facilitation, and am co-founder. My involvement is with local and international artists, property owners, marketing, all of it. I’m still trying to define my job title. 
How are artists selected? 
     When we first start working with a property owner or developer, we expose them to a variety of street art and styles from which they decide what they like and would want on their walls.  
Are NWP artists paid?
     Yes, all local and visiting NWP artists are paid. Cost of materials and travel is also accounted for when establishing a budget with a sponsor or developer. Getting artists paid is of the utmost importance because in the creative industry, a lot of the time, artists are expected to work for free…which is unethical. 
How is content approved or denied?
     Content isn’t approved or denied. Street artists paint with a specific style they have cultivated and perfected through years of graffiti and studio work. Sometimes the artist will have a concept sketch to show the building owner, but the murals typically happen organically. Their signature style stays consistent, but the murals always look different. 
Is the NWP environmentally friendly? 
     We definitely recycle, and reuse. But when it comes to spray paint, we use mtn, a very high quality paint which has little to no cfc’s (ozone friendly paint).
What is the difference between graffiti and street art? 
         Graffiti is done illegally, street art is commissioned by property owners. Street art is usually larger and more elaborate than graffiti. This is due to the temporary nature of illegal art in the streets. 
How do you feel about the commercialization of street art?
      Commercialization of anything will always be slightly heart wrenching, but graffiti will always be illegal, so that’s good. 
Is the control of street art content harmful to what street art has historically been? (unfiltered public forum, although illegal)
   Some graffiti writers will paint a tag just to see how long it lasts, or if it gets tagged over. It’s not done for the public, but for other graffiti writers. Graffiti can’t be controlled…if someone wants to paint illegally, they’ll do it. 

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