Street Artist Spotlight: Logan Hicks

posted by – 05/31/16 @ 12:40pm

nightcrawler yellow

Who: New York-based street and stencil artist

Where: CA, MI, London, Norway, Canda and New York

What: Hicks was originally a screen printer, but he also applies these stenciling techniques to his murals and street art. Many of his hand-painted stencils have between 5-8 layers, and their central subject is the dynamics of the urban environment in a city such as New York. Hicks is known for his ability to capture the mundanity of city life, along with its haunting beauty. Hicks has developed his own style of screenprinting where he spray paints his detailed stencils. The grit of the spray paint mimics the decay of the city, while the metallic paint represents hope within the hopelessness of the city. This dual relationship with the city is what inspires Hicks’ work.

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