Street Artist Spotlight: Faith47

posted by – 05/26/16 @ 12:21pm

faith47 1

Who: internationally-acclaimed, studio-based street artist from Cape Town, South Africa

Where: Faith47’s artwork has been displayed in Sweden, UK, France, Tunisia, USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and more, and her street creations can now be found in major cities around the world

What: Faith47 is acknowledged as one of the most politically engaged contemporary artists, and she displays a great social awareness throughout her pieces. Many of Faith47’s works are inspired by the political and social issues in post-apartheid South Africa. One particular focus of Faith47’s work is the feminine existence: the woman as a strong and also struggling figure. Through her art and the wielding of these themes, Faith47 attempts to condemn the injustices in our society and spread a more positive message.

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