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MD 14 GRUNEWALD 80″ x 96″ oil on linen with acrylic resin


The following reflection was written by Bob Hazyzlett in response to Tinney Contemporary gallery current show ” Observations , Integrations , Pareidolia  and Polysemy”  New Works by James Perrin. This refection is being presented in order to advocate more of Nashville’s amazing artist viewers transformation  into active participation through written expression.

“I recently saw the painting “ MD 14 / Grunewald as I passed by the Tinney Contemporary gallery on 5th Avenue. The painting pulled me into the gallery for a closer look. The  black background, vibrant colors, and a blend of the abstract and representational styles was fascinating. This painting reminded me of an art project commission for a dorm room at my first Air Force base many years ago. I drew a sketch and my roommate and I paid another airman to spray paint and entire wall of are room. The background was black with multicolored with steel I-beams tumbling towards the viewer. The paint odor permeated the entire building. The artist sinus passages were coated with paint, but it was well worth it. We had what was probably the most unique room in the Air Force!”


Bob Hayzlett

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