Nashville Ranks #5 City for Creatives and #34 Large City to Live In

posted by – 08/06/15 @ 2:03pm


Lingering behind New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Kalamazoo, and Austin, Nashville has successfully risen over the years to the 5th position on SmartAsset’s Top 10 Cities for Creatives!

Nashville is already in this top position, yet possesses the potential to attract more creatives as the city puts the pedal to the metal in cultural and economic growth mode.

“While outsiders often associate Nashville with country music, the city’s cultural life goes far beyond twang and honky-tonk.”

Comparing the metrics of cost of living and number of creative workers (28 jobs included in this category for the research) per 10,000 workers, 176 of the largest cities in America were indexed according to attractiveness for creative workers, and Nashville is in the top FIVE.

This accolade, coupled with Nashville ranking #34 on WalletHub’s 2015 Best & Worst Large Cities to Live In, pushes Nashville further into the national spotlight, which will only continue to create growth for our city.

We must be careful, however, that our potential for rapid growth will not put us at a disadvantage when it comes to affordable living for the attraction of creative thinkers and doers to our community.

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