Art Heals: Charleston Comes Together

posted by – 07/09/15 @ 5:13pm


We have all heard about the atrocity, which was racially charge, that occurred in Charleston recently that resulted in the death of 9 people at a church meeting. With many facets of life, it is difficult to express emotion in a healthy way, and for Charleston, art has become one way in which its citizens have been able to convey their feelings towards this incident.

I believe that it is the want and need to connect to something on a deeper level. In the broader scheme of things, the creation of something meaningful out of meaninglessness can be therapeutic in its own right. Many times in the creation of art, artists are reaching a point where the conscious and subconscious work together. The conscious act of working on a work of art subconsciously helps one, especially in this case, deal with the results of foreign concepts and incidents. The joy that spectators receive from the art helps to put them in a better space as well. All justification to the why is speculative, but it is a fact that the passion felt through the creation and viewing of art reaches us in an almost inexplicable way, giving us better, healthier perspective and understanding.

Read more here in this Huffington Post article that chronicles the transformative ways in which art is helping Charleston heal. #CharlestonStrong

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