Romancing Banality: The Art of Lyle Carbajal

posted by – 06/19/15 @ 2:33pm

Lyle Carbajal’s roving exhibition Romancing Banality incorporates elements from years spent traveling, absorbing new cultures. Nashville is the exhibition’s third iteration, following openings in Seattle and New Orleans. Carbajal lives in each city for months leading up to the opening, incorporating himself into the city’s culture.

“It’s a city’s Zeitgeist that interests me,” said Carbajal, “The sights, the sounds, the way its people either cherish or disregard artistic forms, the city’s visual connection to the past and whether or not it recognizes its indigenous culture.”

Romancing Banality

Visitors to Romancing Banality find themselves immersed in an authentic, urban/primitive experience completely lacking in pretense. Capturing the spirit of anti-artistry and folk art, Carbajal seeks inspiration in the everyday.

“These are the truths I perceive through my eyes, my journeys, and my exploration as an artist,” said Carbajal of his work.

The effect of Romancing Banality in the gallery space is truly transformative. In addition to the paintings and multimedia works adorning the walls, Carbajal installed a half-scale model of a carcineria in the center of the gallery. He is also exploring film as a medium, and a film shot and produced entirely in Mexico is projected onto one of the gallery’s walls, furthering the multi-sensory experience that is Romancing Banality.

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