Art Basel 2015 Opens

posted by – 06/16/15 @ 5:05pm

With the opening of Art Basel 2015 in its founding city this week, I’d like to shed some light on this wonderful European exhibition of art from around the world.


Distinctively located on the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany, Basel provides the most strategic location for the exhibition of over 300 leading galleries from Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. The works presented at the 2015 Art Basel show encompass most mediums of Modern and contemporary art imaginable from sculpture and painting to videos to performance art by both well-known and newly emerging artists.


Over 90,000 art lovers—collectors, gallerists, artists, curators, and simple art enthusiasts—from across the globe attend Art Basel each year. The attendance and the involvement of buyers has been crescendoing recently as the arts become more prevalent in the public’s eye. Founded in 1970 by a few gallerists in Basel, the show has increased its attendance from 16,300 people in its initial show to almost 100,000 people estimated for this year. Basel is not the only location for this sophisticated “arts fair” either, which also takes place in Miami Beach in December ( site de rencontre) and Hong Kong in March.

Described as the “Olympics of the Art World,” Art Basel has figured out the formula for an art show: find and provide the platform for excellent art and let it speak for itself. Each work of art has a unique effect on every individual. We are all idiosyncratic with distinctive perspectives stemming from our own experiences in life, and the discernment we all have for art is just as original as the art itself. With Art Basel, the collection of art of over 4,000 artists from these hundreds of galleries drives the success of this “arts affair.”


Already at the incipient of this year’s showing, Leonardo DiCaprio has shown his man-bun and museum and private collectors have been seen in full force. (


Among the attendees for the Miami Beach Art Basel in 2014, were our very own Susan Tinney and Sarah Wilson, who hope to some day make the trek to Basel for the experience of a lifetime.

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