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When considering the medium of photography, the associations made most often relate to images captured from real life that render an interpretation of a single moment in time. Though the medium has changed over time, viewers look to photographs for a glimpse of something otherwise left undiscovered. Local artist Carla Ciuffo has created a body of work that serves to disembody known conceptions of photography, thus illustrating concepts and juxtapositions that manifest their own life.

Carla Ciuffo

The artist describes her works as “an amalgam of narratives, abstracts and lyrical imagery emphasizing the enigma of being human. Quality of light, both natural and constructed, provides luminosity within alternate dimensions that expand the boundaries of her photographic world.” (artist bio, carlaciuffophotography.com) As in the case with her series Words Fell, there seems to be an exploration of that equilibrium that we all seek, a oneness with self, nature and the world. The joining of botanical elements and anonymous figures create a dreamlike world in which reality seems to fade and the abstract comes to the surface. There is most definitely a narrative present, but how it plays out seems to be unknown.


The series entitled Stasis draws on a similar theme of humanity and the ever looming thought of mortality. The images contain a tree or branch of a tree and a composited figure. The silhouette is small but magnificent in its flight. There is a mesmerizing haze that seems to have settled over these photographs, adding the dreaminess of them. Perhaps this relates to that world we enter in our sleep where we can indeed become immortal. And what if these worlds collided? What would be the result? Ciuffo poignantly asks the questions of life, asking us to consider exactly what our world consists of.


Look for Carla’s upcoming installation and solo show with select and new artworks from Stasis at Tinney Contemporary: Finding Stasis in a Positive Negative Space.

Visit www.carlaciuffophotography.com to view more work and to find a schedule of upcoming exhibitions.




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