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If you are as excited as I am to see the three new Ali Cavanaugh pieces in the upcoming show, The New Real 2: Figure-Focused, then I would highly recommend checking out this video, Ali’s World, to learn more about the artist, her process, and her sources of inspiration.  Cavanaugh, who was recently featured in the June edition of the Nashville Arts Magazine, says her process of using watercolor paint on wet kaolin clay is best categorized as “neo fresco secco.”  Describing her process in depth in one of her blog posts, she writes, “I use small controlled strokes of overlapping colors to create depth while letting the white clay surface illuminate through the pigment. These small strokes of color are built upon a wet plaster surface.”  For her newest pieces, Cavanaugh has innovated this process further by using a new type of watercolor paint that holds up to forty-percent more pigment.  This technology, combined with her meticulous layering process (one of her paintings may have as many as fifty layers), leads to pieces that are even more luminous and nuanced.  As follows, since photographs cannot fully capture the iridescent quality of these works, I am antsy to see these paintings in person.  Read below for additional details about the upcoming show.












Ali Cavanaugh’s pieces will be featured in the upcoming exhibition, The New Real 2: Figure-Focused, at Tinney Contemporary along with works by Eric Zener, Yigal Ozeri, Brian Tull, and Kevin Peterson.  The show will run from August 2nd through September 13th with an opening reception on August 2nd from 6 – 9 pm and a closing reception on September 6th from 6 – 9 pm.

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