Beauty in the Overlooked

posted by – 07/02/14 @ 2:51pm

Due to the upcoming photorealism show in August at Tinney Contemporary, I decided to focus on paintings by Laura Shechter. Shechter is a Brooklyn based artist who focuses on “solving the aesthetic conundrums each photo-based painting presents.” By looking at the photo above, it becomes apparent that Shechter has an interest in making her paintings come alive through using uncommon New York cityscapes and graffiti. In the painting below titled, FSM Packing Corps, Bronx, Shechter finds ways to create a vibrant painting of what would normally appear as a soon-to-be torn down storefront. Not only does her painting bring the building to life, but it also preserves the life of the storefront and the graffiti. Shechter is drawn to the graffiti based on its intricate beauty. The recreation of the graffiti in her painting serves as an ode to the artists whose work will soon be demolished through urban renewal.

Her work helps bring the forgotten cityscapes to life in ways that a photograph cannot capture. If you want to read more about her thought process and view her other works click here.



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