The Art of Soccer

posted by – 06/29/14 @ 11:23pm

It is no secret that protest, along with excitement, has gone hand in hand with preparation for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.  Brazilians’ feelings about FIFA’s month-long soccer tournament has found its way into the streets as local artists express their sentiments through graffiti.  Some street paintings are unequivocal about their critique of the government’s spending on the games. For example, Brazilian graffiti artist Paulo Ito painted a child crying out for food, but being presented instead with a football at the dinner table (below). “It’s a good way to expose the country’s problems,” Ito told the Guardian.

Still, other artists celebrate Brazil’s hosting of the most important tournament for their national sport and their pieces depict enthusiasm for the World Cup – as seen in the image below. Whether supportive or critical, these powerful images are reaching a world audience.  With the highest ESPN viewership for a World Cup match, Americans have certainly embraced the international tournament like never before.  With less than two weeks left, it will be interesting to see how these artists continue to reflect the emotions of the games through this visual medium.

To read more about street art in Brazil, check out this CNN article.

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