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posted by – 05/10/14 @ 4:36pm

I was recently watching a documentary about Midtown Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue luxury emporium, Bergdorf Goodman.  Having never been to Bergdorf’s, I was taken with the gorgeous window displays which regularly fuse fashion with art.  While visiting New York City for a conference this week, my husband promised to send me photos of the Bergdorf windows.  Well, three days later and no pictures richer, I decided to see what Google had to say about the windows. Lo and behold, it just so happens that the windows are of particular wonder this week.  As part of its Art Matters! initative Bergdorf Goodman is sponsoring Freize New York – one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs running between now and May 12th – by collaborating with Salon 94 to create three incredible installations.


In the three 58th Street windows of the department store, passersby can take in the bold and beautiful works of contemporary artists in concert with contemporary fashion designers.  While each window display evokes a distinct emotion, taken as a group, the installations are minimal yet fantastical, sculptural, and punctuated by with saturated hues.

The curators did an amazing job finding points of contrast and cohesion among the artists and designers pieces.  David Benjamin Sherry’s large-scale landscapes provide an imaginative natural backdrop to the windows, a fantastical representation of nature repeated by the Paula Hayes‘ botanical sculptures.  Swiss artists, Kueng Caputo, continue the melding of earthen materials with striking colors, as dyed leather stretches over enamel in their geometric furniture.  Nina Ricci’s floating, floral dress has a earthy quality not unlike the surrounding works of art; Lavin’s simple, sculptural gown finds repetition in Sherry’s magenta mountain. Marni’s incorporation of feathers and leaf motif are echoed by Hayes’ birdhouse installation.

To view more of Bergdorf’s imaginative window displays, visit their website.

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