Portrait of Erin Fitzpatrick

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Baltimore-based artist Erin Fitzpatrick paints portraits. Specifically, she paints portraits on wood using pencils, brushes, and oil paints. There’s a long tradition of portraiture in Western art. But with the emergence of photography, oil portraits declined in popularity. Erin Fitzpatrick is keeping the tradition of portraiture alive – with some contemporary updates.

Fitzpatrick loves to people watch and she sees her portraits as “people collecting.” Each time she paints someone, she tries to get to know him or her. Fitzpatrick says she aims to capture the essence of her subjects – not just what they look like. Essentially, she tries to put their personalities on the canvas (Source).

I love Fitzpatrick’s portraits because they seem to capture the current moment. The people she paints are real. They’re the type of people I might interact with everyday. Even though oil portraits are a traditional medium, Fitzpatrick’s work is anything but old-fashioned.

Click here to see more of Erin Fitzpatrick’s portraits on her website.


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  1. Thanks for the mention and for checking out my paintings.
    Erin Fitz

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