Art of Anatomy

posted by – 04/10/14 @ 2:07pm

Psychedelic and textbook-inspired are two adjectives that don’t typically go together. But the works of Phoenix-based artist Travis Bedel manage to fully embody both of these disparate traits. Bedel – also known as “Bedelguese” – creates collages made from vintage scientific anatomy and botany diagrams.

Bedel’s works juxtapose human anatomy with lush florals, succulents, and birds, insects, sea creatures, or snakes. The result is strangely beautiful and enticing. With flowers sprouting from organs and butterflies intertwining with arteries, Bedel’s work evokes the connection between humanity and nature – literally. Many of his collages also have an erotic quality to them – note the blooming diagram of a uterus titled “Anatomy of a Female Orgasm.”

Bedel’s tools are paper, glue, and razor blades. There’s impressive skill in the preciseness of his cutouts and the intricate placements of paper on paper. Recently, Bedel has also started creating digital collages.

To see a collection of Bedel’s collages, visit his website here.

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