Defending Pakistan from drone strikes

posted by – 04/09/14 @ 11:32am

Every couple weeks, we see another article about an American drone that bombs a small village in rural Pakistan based on a slight inkling that there might be a terrorist living in the area.  Civilian casualties and deaths number in the thousands, but what can they do?  The Drones are way up there, and the victims are way down there.  A new art project called “Not a Bug Splat” is a clever new tactic used to combat these drone strikes.  From the drone’s cameras, people look like tiny white dots–not like people.  “Not a Bug Splat” changes that by placing massive images of children that have been affected by previous drone strikes. That way, when drone operators are scanning the land for potential targets, they will see a child instead of a small white dot.  Adding this human element to the equation plays on the sympathy of the drone operators and will hopefully deter them from unnecessary bombings.


But is this enough to cause drone operators do disobey orders from the higher-ups?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

This kind of reminds me of the British defense of the German air raids back in World War II.  An integral part of their strategy was to simulate an already destroyed city by using well-timed, controlled fires and creating images of  destroyed military installations so that the Luftwaffe would pass over thinking the job was already done.  I’m always a fan of these creative solutions.

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