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In the real world, things can get a bit complicated.  Think of that time when you opened this huge can of worms by asking your friend about his or her love life.  Sometimes, all these complexities can be hard to comprehend and we don’t really know what to do with all the different variables.  There are a couple different strategies to simplify such a crazy, chaotic world.

1.  Ignoring complexities:  as an engineering student, I accept the fact that I will never have an exact answer to my problems and always have to settle for “good enough.”  I’m happy with it.  I don’t mind assuming the earth is a perfect sphere, materials are perfectly rigid, and air resistance is negligible.  It makes my homework a whole lot easier.

2.  Systematic reconstruction of the universe in a more organized way:  Meet Ursus Wehrli.  He authored a book called The Art of Clean Up that details his attempts to create order within his surroundings.  The concept is kind of crazy, yet beautiful at the same time.  Looking at the “tidied up” scenes is like listening to an extremely loud silence– even the smallest disturbance will propagate and amplify to disrupt the tranquility of the environment.  His art preserves that fraction of a second where everything is sorted based on similar characteristics and there is no conflict or competition in the universe.  See for yourself.



It’s interesting because both images have their own beauty to it, yet they are complete opposites.  We find one type of beauty in what is natural, and another type of beauty in patterns and predictability.  Here’s an interesting blurb by Wehrli himself about his perspective about the world and motivations behind his art.

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