Dans La Rue

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The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is a museum unlike most others. Established in 2012, this young museum employs “guerilla curating.” Instead of bringing street art indoors, the works in each exhibition are left on the street, where they can be observed in the contexts they were created for. The works are labeled with informative placards like those found in traditional museums, but they are integrated into the city rather than removed from it.









Based in Brooklyn, the museum travels to various cities to curate street art in its natural habitat. Their most recent show, “Dans La Rue,” is currently on view throughout the streets of Montreal. The museum encourages its visitors to explore the city as they view the art, deepening their experience and understanding of the works. “Dans La Rue” showcases 12 prominent local artists – Bfour, Gawd, Labrona, Listen Bird, Omen, Produkt, Rage5, Scaner, Stikki Peaches, Waxhead, WIA (aka whatisadam) and Wzrds Gang. These artists use a variety of mediums, from spray paint and wheat pastes to installations and wax drawings.









“Guerilla curating” stays true to the sentiment of street art – the shows are public, ephemeral, and constantly interacting with their environments.

Click here learn more about “Dans La Rue” and the Street Museum of Art (SMoA).


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