Permission to be Global

posted by – 03/19/14 @ 12:15pm

is the name of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts first Latin American contemporary art exhibit.  It features artists from Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Cuba, and other Latin American countries.  I think the name of the exhibit says so much about Latin America’s role in the rest of the world.  When I was in elementary school, we had a couple lessons on the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and not much else because European countries conquered and colonized the continent.  When you look at how much the United States has meddled in Latin American affairs, you would think that those countries would have at least some presence in our morning coffee discussions.  Nashville’s own William Walker even led several private military expeditions in Latin America and established himself as president of Nicaragua for a brief period of time.  And a more recent example is Plan Colombia, a controversial program between the United States and Colombia to nominally eliminate drug cartels while protecting American oil interests.

It’s no wonder that most Latin American countries feel sequestered from the rest of the world, which is why this art exhibit is so huge for them.   Camilo Alvarez, one of the featured artists, says, “The fact that white America is now learning to absorb another culture is great.  Mind you, that other culture was always here.”  I think this art exhibit does an excellent job in assimilating Latin American art with the rest of the art world and it is an important stride in bringing Latin American issues to the attention of the rest of the world.  You can find more information about the exhibit here.

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