Danmalas in Springtime

posted by – 03/06/14 @ 3:11pm

Spring is approaching here in Nashville! We’ve had a cold winter, but this weekend is expected to be sunny and warm. As the weather heats up, I look forward to spending more time outdoors, strolling through Centennial Park or hiking around Percy Priest Lake. Spring is my favorite season because it’s a time when we can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Artist Kathy Klein celebrates the beauty of nature by creating “danmalas” – mandala-inspired patterns made from flowers and other plants. Exuberant and bright, Klein’s works take full advantage of the shapes and colors found in our natural world.

Spirituality is a key part of Klein’s creative process. First, she meditates to draw inspiration from the environment around her. While in a meditative state of mind, she collects flowers and other natural materials and uses them to form the intricate danmalas. Once the danmalas are completed, Klein photographs her work. Then, she leaves the danmalas on the ground to be discovered by passersby.

Most of Klein’s works can be found in Arizona, where she lives. However, Klein often travels around America in order to use a greater variety of natural materials. Perhaps one day I’ll be lucky enough to stumble upon one of her danmalas myself.

For more information about Kathy Klein and her danmalas, visit her website here.

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