When art attacks

posted by – 02/19/14 @ 1:42pm

So I’m a really into fun public art projects such as Florentijin Hofman’s giant inflatable duck.  I recently came across this guy who goes by Filthy Lurker who does similar projects, except that he creates comically frightening scenes in public places to place the audience in an imaginary scene from War of the Worlds.

But seriously, how awesome does this look.  Imagine walking home from work one day and noticing that the Kraken is renting the apartment across the street from you.  Sure it sounds scary at first, but I’m sure you would have a good laugh about it once you notice that the giant tentacles are inflatables.  It really looks like a scene from a horror film though, which I think is pretty interesting because normally we go to the movies as a brief respite from reality.  Here, Filthy Lurker is bringing that crazy fantasy into the real world and adds some excitement into that otherwise uneventful walk home from the subway stop.

But perhaps to a four-year-old child, this could probably be the scariest thing to ever happen.

You can see more of Filthy Lurker’s work here.

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