October Art Crawl: Todd Gordon and Julyan Davis

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We are really looking forward to the October Art Crawl, not only because it always proves to be an exciting night, but also to welcome Todd Gordon back to the Nashville art scene! The last time Gordon’s work was on exhibit in Nashville was a little over 3 years ago and he got rave reviews. During his last show in August of 2006, David Mattox wrote this about Todd Gordon.

“The most appealing work in the show is a series of plein air urban landscapes by Todd Gordon. He goes to scruffy parts of Brooklyn – empty lots, industrial zones, canals – and paints what he sees in a horizontal format.” click here to continue reading

Later that year, Gordon was listed in The Scene as Best In Art

“Nashville was inundated with great art in 2006 including Todd Gordon. In a very literal approach, he tries to show exactly what he saw, which gives the paintings a bit of fisheye perspective distortion, and that lends them a greater sense of scale, like they are straining to pull in the entire vista. A painting of the gray water of New York Harbor, subtly curving upward with the city pushed to the margins, was majestic.”  click here to continue reading


We also are excited to welcome for the first time to Nashville, Julyan Davis! Davis is a landscape painter whose work often expresses certain themes. This show will feature new work from his Southern music-based series. Davis says he has always been drawn to folksong and folklore and often uses it as inspiration in his paintings.

“These new paintings re-visit those old ballads. These canvases tackle the subject from a new angle.  Again, I want to make the stories contemporary: the emotions and stories are timeless, after all.” Davis says about his work.
Julyan Davis.Tinney Contemporary

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