Nash-Up Recap

posted by – 10/31/13 @ 1:23pm

Yesterday, October 30 2013, the second annual Nash-Up conference was a success! Members of the Nashville community met at the Main Nashville Public Library and engaged each other in open and interactive discussions about the direction of Nashville’s creative endeavors. The first panel discussed art and technology with music technologist Mike Butera, performer and installation artist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, steampunker Chris Lee, Metamarketer CEO Kate O’Neill, and moderater Steve Haruch. The second panel discussed art and the urban environment with actor and real estate activator Craige Hoover, actress and Sideshow Fringe artist Jessika Malone, filmmaker Molly Secours, Nashville Opera COO Noah Spiegel, and moderator Robin Rather. Activities included a small group placemaking in action planning scenario, a mapping of what’s next for our creativity, and a preview of the ongoing Our Town project. At the end of the day, we headed to 5’th avenue for a brief art crawl.

We drew several stand-out conclusions from Nash-up. To recap:

1. Don’t be scared of technology. Artists of all genres can use it to create innovative visual art, film, music, etc.

2. Collaboration is important. We’re most creative when we listen to other people’s ideas and perspectives. We learn more from each other than we could ever learn from ourselves alone.

3. Nashvillians are not lacking in creativity and ideas. Our role as the “music city” fosters a community that values the arts and attracts creative people. To make sure all of our great ideas come to fruition, we need to be diligent during the process of executing our ideas. Creative projects work best when paired with effective methods of implementation. Identifying these methods will allow creativity in Nashville to thrive.

We hope you enjoyed Nash-Up as much as we did! If you couldn’t make it, next year’s Nash-up aims to be even more illuminating.


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