Yarn Bombing

posted by – 10/29/13 @ 1:08pm

Yarn-bombing, also known as guerilla knitting or yarnstorming, is a relatively new form of graffiti that has been gaining in popularity since it was first spotted in the early 2000’s. It’s graffiti that isn’t made out of spray paint, but out of the colorful knits and crochets many people associate with their grandmothers. Most yarn-bombings focus on brightening a physical space. Often, yarn-bombers use yarn to patch up dilapidated areas of a city or town, or to provide humor and color in an otherwise cold and stark environment.

But it’s more than just extremely pleasant and charming. Yarn-bombers are blurring the lines between craft, graffiti, and high art. The group Yarn Bombings Los Angeles writes,

“In its seemingly odd juxtaposition of knitting and graffiti, often associated with opposing concepts such as female, granny, indoors, domestic, wholesome and soft vs. male, enfant terrible, outdoors, public, underground and edgy, the practice of yarn bombing redefines both genres. Yarn bombing transforms knitting from a domestic endeavor to public art, recontextualizing both knitting and graffiti, both of which are marginalized creative endeavors that fall outside ‘high art.’”

The yarn-bombers vision for street-art continues to spread around the world. It will be exciting to see how street-art evolves in the future and whether yarn-bombing will be become as commonplace as spray paint graffiti.



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