Banksy Bargains

posted by – 10/15/13 @ 12:52pm

Once again, Banksy is stirring up controversy in the art world. A few days ago, a vendor (possibly Banksy himself) set up a modest stand in New York City and sold several of the famed graffiti artist’s works for as low as $30. Similar works have sold for up to $1,870,000. Thousands of people passed by the stand without a second glance. Banksy closed the stand and revealed the ruse on his website after selling eight works to three lucky buyers. This gesture reminds us that great art isn’t always limited to museums or attached to a famous name. Sometimes we don’t notice noteworthy art because of its modest presentation. Banksy’s undercover stand reminds us not to cloud our perceptions of art with notions of status. Who knows? That street vendor’s art could be Banksy-level cool. We won’t know unless we give all art a chance and leave classism behind.

To read more about Banksy’s recent exploits, go here.


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  1. […] but it begs the question: how can you know the difference between good art and not so good art?  If Banksy can pass his art off as ordinary work by an everyday street vendor, and Brett Cohen can hire some bodyguards and photographers and […]

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