Do your feet hurt yet?

posted by – 10/09/13 @ 12:37pm

I was in New York this weekend visiting a friend near Columbia University in Morningside Heights. After lunch, I decided to head back downtown and my friend offered to swipe me in so I can take the subway. In a weak moment, I refused because the weather was fabulous and 110ish blocks didn’t seem so bad. Three hours later, I finally made it, and it felt like I got to see a lot more of the city than a typical tourist.

I was telling my story to my friend, Roo, and he showed me a cool video art project he did when he was in New York. He made a similar trek from Battery Park to Highbridge Park (aka the southern tip to the northern tip). That trek took a good 6.5 hours, including a quick food stop. He also recorded it so you can experience it too! But don’t worry, he speeds it up so it will only take you 30 minutes. I think the project is an interesting statement about the things we miss when we are so focused on just getting where we need to go.

A Map of Roo's Journey

Click the image to see the video!

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