A professional pencil sharpener

posted by – 09/27/13 @ 12:55pm

I think people are usually really impressed with things that are really big (the Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer, The Pyramids etc).  people are also super impressed with work that is really tiny. One of the eggs Fabergé created featured a scale model of a Trans-Siberian railway train that measured a foot long.  Not only this, but the train was also mechanically functional!

Now Imagine using the tip of your pencil as the beginning of your sculpture.  That’s exactly what Dalton Ghetti does.  Ghetti grew up in Brazil using a razor to sharpen his pencils in school.  He later incorporated needles, hammers, chisels, and knives into his toolbox and started carving pencils in 1986.  Looking at his works really makes you appreciate the details that we so often overlook (remember back in the day when you would try to examine snowflakes to see if they really did look different from one another?). It  has an intrinsic beauty that begs us to examine and appreciate the intricate organization of otherwise ordinary objects that surround us every day.


Check out the other cool stuff that he’s made here!

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