Please Do Not Disturb

posted by – 09/26/13 @ 1:51pm


Contemporary artist Katrin Sigurdardóttir’s installation “High Plane” is an exciting reconstruction of the Icelandic landscapes she grew up with. Invisible from below, viewers have to climb a ladder to see the piece in its entirety. At the top of the ladder, viewers stick their heads through small squares that allow them to see the landscape as if they are a part of it. Despite being difficult to view, the piece sparks viewers’ curiosity and feelings of adventure and discovery.


On top of being visually inviting, “High Plane” makes an interesting point about people’s relationship to our environments. As humans, we often romanticize and long for pristine landscapes. But the moment we enter a landscape we disturb its purity. Despite our best efforts, when people step into a natural environment we make sounds and movements that affect changes on previously “untouched” landscapes. For example, you might find it difficult to go on a hike without creating a path, or watch wildlife without scaring them away. In “High Plane” viewers of the piece are limited in how they can interact with the environment. We can see it and become a part of it without truly entering and disturbing it. “High Plane” reminds us of our limitations, but it also simulates an experience with nature that doesn’t disturb the environment we seek so much.

To read more about Katrin Sigurdardóttir, go here.


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