Floating Oceans

posted by – 08/29/13 @ 2:30pm

I’m interested in art that is innovative, exciting, and unexpected. So naturally, I’m intrigued by Portlandian artist Alexis Gideon. His newest work, Floating Oceans, is the third installment in his stop-motion animation video opera series Video Musics. Floating Oceans tells the story of a poet whose colorful dreams contrast with his pedestrian, routine-filled life. The film alone is engaging, but the most interesting aspect of Gideon’s work are his live performances. During live screenings, Gideon voices the narration and dialogue of the film, expertly synching his voice with the characters’ lip movements. Live musical accompaniment, featuring music composed by Gideon, further enhances the viewing experience.

Combing various traditions of film, puppetry, music, narrative, and performance in one piece, Gideon uses both “highbrow” and “lowbrow” art forms to explore issues of class and the human experience. Gideon says:

“I am primarily interested in commonalities in the human experience and human expression. Since so much of art and culture has become fragmented and compartmentalized, breaking down barriers of style and medium has become paramount to my work.”

Alexis Gideon will come to Tinney Contemporary for a special performance this upcoming Fall. To watch a trailer for Floating Oceans and learn more about Gideon’s artwork, go here.


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