Community Supported Art Nashville

posted by – 08/06/13 @ 2:43pm

We Are Nashville. We love to shop, eat, and explore all things local. So, why not expand your local pride to art? Community-Supported Art Nashville offers just that. This art subscription service asks shareholders to invest directly in the arts community with a “buy local” mentality. The program not only offers a reasonably priced way to support Nashville and regional artists, but shareholders also receive limited edition contemporary artist projects in return. The catch? After you purchase a CSArt art share, you don’t know exactly what is going to come in your box until you pick it up! If that worries you, after 3 months, you may exchange it for another CSArtwork.

CSArt Nashville is an opportunity for collectors to access exclusive editions of their work at an affordable price. With different options of subscription pricing, Nashvillians can expand their artistic horizons without even leaving the 615.

Ranging from emerging to mid-career, participating artists have exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. A full list of artists and more information can be found on the Community-Supported Art Nashville’s website.

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