Pam Longobardi, Hudgens finalist!

posted by – 06/19/13 @ 12:05pm

Pam Longobardi, an artist represented here at Tinney, is a finalist for the Hudgens Prize based on her work for the Drifters Project. Longobardi started the project in 2006 where installations of plastic and other waste left deserted on beaches to wash up ashore as food and other hazards for the wildlife and environment are used to create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork which raises awareness about the importance of being environmentally conscious, not just privately but publicly and in everything we do, everywhere. To learn more about her and the work that got recognition because of this prize, visit her site and read this article which profiles her work. Longobardi is also participating in a group project exhibition at the Venice Bienelle, which is ongoing until the end of November.

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