Artist and Curator Reni Gower

posted by – 06/21/13 @ 1:52pm

Pink Blue

Reni Gower is not only a fantastic artist with two large and inviting pieces in the current show, she is also the guest curator of the exhibit. Reni has been a multi-media artist for about 30 years but just recently picked up on the craft of papercuts while teaching in Scotland she became enchanted by the motifs of celtic art and began to create large works out of the motifs utilizing only weighted paper and a box cutter, often with the underside of the paper painted in a bright acrylic hue, so that when the paper hangs the light created from the pigment and the shadow play from the style of hanging creates an affect of colored light behind the piece. She is also known for her works which incorporate encaustic and abstract painting and collage and in some cases, sculptural installations.

There is only one more week to see this exhibit before we install for next month, so come now to see her work in person!

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