Artist Michelle Forsyth

posted by – 06/07/13 @ 1:42pm

In stark contrast to the monochrome works of the other artists in our current exhibit, Michelle Forsyth uses a wide range of hand cut colored paper pins to create grids that are representational of the banal moments found at recovering disaster sites, a nice complement to the work of Lenka Konopasek. The final product is a beautiful testament to the art of optical mixing and a memorial to the sites she depicts. Together these individualized and painstakingly put together pins create a whole image.

“The images in these paintings are willingly unresolved and are partially obscured with surface embellishments that include thousands of tiny, sinuous brush strokes, and colorful hand-stitches that hold beads and sequins to the paper. Part requiem and part cathartic obsession, I work to simultaneously test the imprint of my own presence while using mark making to record the passage of time. A meticulous attention to detail stimulates viewers to get close to the work. It is at this range where I provide a space for poetic engagement and evoke sentiments of loss and grief.”

Here, we have April 5, 1958 a homage disastrous oil spill from a lare freighter and it’s aftermath at the location where flowers bloom from the still existing wreckage. Pictured is the full piece and a few details.

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